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National Intergenerational Workplace Day

Due to Covid-19, this year’s event will be virtual. Date to be advised ASAP.

Ireland’s Inaugural

National Intergenerational Workplace 


For the 1st time in history, there are now 5 different generations active in the workplace simultaneously.  We want to celebrate this fact and encourage the 5 generations to collaborate and connect in the workplace for the benefit of all. We have established the first dedicated Intergenerational Workplace Day and the 2nd year of the event in Ireland will take place online. 


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Benefits of an Intergenerational Workplace 

Better Decision Making

Better decision making in your organisation.  Inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time – CloverpopBain and Co. research shows that decision making effectiveness is 95% correlated with financial performance which will boost your bottom line.

Employer Brand

Build your employer brand as you recognise the diverse value that each generation brings to your organisation.  Attract and retain employees for short and long term roles from across the multigenerational workforce.

Inclusive Workplace

Promote your organisation as an Intergenerational Inclusive Workplace where all generations can contribute at their highest levels.

Harness Generational Intelligence

Employers’ focus is shifting from generational differences between employees to harnessing ‘generational intelligence’ and trying to bring together the intelligence and skills unique to each generation to create a harmonious workplace. The Future Workplace Experience

Represent your customers in your workplace

Older adults hold the majority of the country’s discretionary income and are a growing customer base for businesses.

Generation Great Expectations – Irish Times

Generation Great Expectations – Irish Times

Ever since the 1960s, when the phrase “generation gap” was first coined, there has been an emphasis on what divides the different age groups in the workplace as opposed to what unites them. And as we moved through the generations, from baby boomers to...

The Future of Work – the Intergenerational Workforce

The Future of Work – the Intergenerational Workforce

The ‘Future of Work’It may sound strange but when we speak about the ‘future of work’ we’re not talking about something that’s light years away: we are, in fact, talking about the present.Yes, that’s right: the ‘future of work’ is not something that only...


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