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Become a Partner

Become a Partner for National Intergenerational Workplace Day 2019


 What is Involved?


  • Host an Intergenerational Event at your Workplace. 
  • Attend our Launch Event in Dublin on the 24th of October
  • Your logo will be added to all online and offline event collateral. 
  • Apply to speak at our Launch Event. 


Benefits for your Organisation 

  • Attract and retain employees for short and long term roles from across the multigenerational workforce as opportunities are more widely spread across the generations. 
  • Build collaboration and communication with the sharing of organisational wisdom across the generations in your workplace. Employers’ focus is shifting from generational differences between employees to harnessing ‘generational intelligence’ and trying to bring together the intelligence and skills unique to each generation to create a harmonious workplace.  The Future Workplace Experience
  • Represent your customers in your workplace. Older adults hold the majority of the country’s discretionary income and are a growing customer base for businesses. 
  • Increased productivity – There is evidence that intergenerational teams in the workplace are more productive than teams of workers of the same age (Zwick, Göbel and Fries (2013).
  • Better decision making in your organisation.  Inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time – CloverpopBain and Co. research shows that decision making effectiveness is 95% correlated with financial performance which will boost your bottom line.
  • Build your employer brand as you recognise the diverse value that each generation brings to your organisation.



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